Board of Directors

On the picture : (From left to right)
A few members of the Board of Directors present at the 2017 annual general meeting, accompanied by Jean-François Lamarche, CEO of the FQSA (far left):
Marie-Christine Dufour; André Dufour; Lisette Joly; Tonya Thibodeau; Geneviève Grégoire; Guillaume Parent.

The new board members of the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies were elected during the annual general assembly of the Federation on June 20, 2017, in the presence of the general managers of the 20 Regional Alzheimer Societies, the president of several board of directors of Alzheimer Societies and our guests.

President: Lisette Joly

Vice-President: Marie-Christine Dufour

Secretary: Lorraine Sauvé

Treasurer: Marilyne Crépeau
List of Board of Directors 2017-2018:

Seat # 1 Joly, Lisette
Seat # 2 Dufour, Marie-Christine
Seat # 3 Dufour, André
Seat # 4 Sauvé, Lorraine
Seat # 5 Grégoire, Geneviève
Seat # 6 Thibodeau, Tonya
Seat # 7 Parent, Guillaume
Seat # 8 Harvey, Mario
Seat # 9 Luc Pinard
Seat # 10 Lynne E. Desmarais
Seat # 11 Marilyne Crépeau
Seat # 12 Fidel Toghoua
Seat # 13 Vacant
External members :

Mina Farrinacci,  Dr Alain Robillard                                                 

FQSA employees: 

CEO and General manager: Jean-François Lamarche; 

Director, Programs and Services: Josée-Lisa LeFrancois; 

Director, Research and Development: Dre Nouha Ben Gaied; 

Director, Communication and Special Events: Sylvie Piché; 

Executive Assistant: Aïssatou Samb.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017