Impact reports and finances

impact report

Impact report

The impact report reflects the different events that were organised  by the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies to increase public awareness as well as other projects that were accomplished to face growing needs among people living with Alzheimer's disease and their families. 

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Impact report 2023-2024

Impact report 2022-2023

Impact report 2021-2022

Impact report 2020-2021 

Annual report 2019-2020 (in French only)

Annual report 2018-2019 (in French only)

Annual report 2017-2018 (in French only)

Annual report 2016-2017 

Annual report 2015-2016 

Annual report 2014-2015

Annual report 2013-2014

Annual report 2012-2013

Annual report 2011-2012

Annual report 2010-2011

Financial statements

The Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies is a non-profit organization, in the health sector governed by a voluntary board of directors.

Our financial statements (in french only) are audited every year by an independent accounting, on a budget that runs until March 31st of every year.

A significant amount of our revenue comes from public support, including legacy, in memoriam donation and chapter's contribution. The Walk for Alzheimer's represents another source of revenue. We also receive grants from the federal government for special projects.

How do we spend this money? We invest our financial resources in public awareness and education programs, caregiver support and education as well as the national research program.

(In french only)

Financial statement 2022-2023

Financial statement 2021-2022

Financial statement 2020-2021

Financial statement 2019-2020

Financial statement 2018-2019

Financial statement 2017-2018

Financial statement 2016-2017

Financial statement 2015-2016

Financial statement 2014-2015

Financial statement 2013-2014

Financial statement 2012-2013

Financial statement 2011-2012

Financial statement 2010-2011

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