Video: What is young onset dementia?

This brief animated video explains the basics. It's any dementia experienced under the age of 65. And there are ways to adapt, network and live well with it.

Young onset dementia: These three words represent thousands of unique experiences across Canada.

There are 28,000 people in Canada living with it right now. And each of them has friends, neighbours, family and community members impacted too.

"Dementia" is a word doctors use when brain illness or brain changes make it hard for someone to remember, think, see, move, communicate or connect – and that are intense enough to affect daily life.

"Young onset" means someone is under 65 when they develop dementia. So that mean developing dementia in their be 40s or 50s—or even their 20s and 30s.

The good news is that there are many ways to live well with young onset dementia. There is also lots of research unfolding worldwide to better understand the diseases that can lead to this kind of dementia.

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