Memory Clinic


Alzheimer Society of Kenora/Rainy River Districts wants to help you maintain an independent living and comprehensive care for patients with memory loss.

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If you would like to learn more, please call our office at 1-800-682-0245.

The Alzheimer Society of Kenora/Rainy River Districts has partnered with the Sunset Country Family Health Team in Kenora to offer a Memory Clinic for early diagnosing of cognitive impairments.

The Memory Clinic is an inter-professional approach to providing early diagnosis and treatment for problems associated with memory loss. The team members work with family physicians to provide comprehensive care for patients and family members dealing with dementia and other conditions involving memory loss. For many of these conditions, early diagnosis and treatment can help to maintain independent living and quality of life for as long as possible.

In the Memory Clinic, you and your family members will meet with a team for a comprehensive assessment. This information can provide you and your family doctor with a better understanding of your condition and steps you and your family can take in your care. Each appointment will take approximately 2 hours. We encourage you to bring along a family member or someone who knows you well to your visit to help ensure a thorough assessment.

Before your appointment, the Memory Clinic team will send a package for you and your family to help you prepare for your visit and provide you with more information about what to expect at your appointment.

This clinic requires a physician’s referral.

Kenora Memory Clinic Team:

  • Three Physicians (On rotation)
  • One Social Worker
  • One Dietitian
  • One Pharmacist
  • Client Services Coordinator - Alzheimer Society
  • One Nurse Practitioner
  • One Registered Practical Nurse
  • One Registered Nurse