Participating in research

Scientists around the world are working to find the causes, better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Researchers are also trying to better understand the psychological and social effects of the disease on individuals and families.

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are participating in this research. They and their families take comfort and find hope in being able to help increase our understanding of the disease and its effects.

This page contains information for people to consider when thinking about participating in research. It also includes information on how you can find out about studies that are looking for participants.

Links to studies looking for participants

The following links provide information about studies currently recruiting participants from British Columbia:

Research Portals

Where to start

The level of commitment required for participating in a study can vary from filling out a simple survey online to more long-term, in-depth involvement in a study or clinical trial.

Consider the following when thinking about participating in research:

Information for researchers

If you are conducting a study related to dementia and are looking for participants in B.C., please email [email protected] to inquire about having your study featured on this web page.

Last Updated: 07/09/2020