Become an Ambassador

There are currently more than 2,800 people living with Alzheimer's disease or another dementia in the district of Thunder Bay.  For each of those people, at least another 12 people are affected including family, friends and partners in care. The Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay works with spokespeople known as Ambassadors to raise awareness of the disease.

Whether you are a person with dementia, a caregiver or family member, or a health-care professional dedicated to finding a cure, if you are passionate and want to help, becoming an Ambassador is a great way to help put dementia in the spotlight.

There are many ways to share your experience as an Ambassador :

  • Provide testimonials or quotes 
  • Participate in photo shoots or video recordings 
  • Act as a spokesperson at special events, in seminars and workshops, or during media events and interviews

Ambassadors should be willing to share some or all of their story.   

Ambassadors would be called upon only for previously identified areas of interest and would be given ample notice and preparatory notes/training whenever possible.  Various levels of time commitment could exist depending on the project, but the Society would discuss project details with Ambassadors, including time commitment, before proceeding. 

Of course, Ambassadors could decline involvement in a project or step down at any time. 

If you are interested in whole or in part in learning more or signing up, please contact us at [email protected], 807-345-9556 or 1-888-887-5140.

Check out the stories of our Ambassadors in Action...

    Last Updated: 09/12/2018