Our people


Meet some of the people working to create a kinder, more inclusive and supportive place for people living with dementia and see how you can join our team.

Staff Team

Staff & Volunteers at our Fire Truck Pull 

Our team is here to support you. Call 705-748-5131 or Toll Free at 1-800-561-2588 and dial the extension of the staff person you need below, or send an email. All voicemails are forwarded to email so that our staff can receive your messages from their home office during lockdown. 

Executive Director

Andrea Cant - [email protected] 
Ext. 233


Office Manager

Carolyn Hemminger - [email protected]
Ext. 221


Intake Coordinator

Casey Robichaud - [email protected]
Ext. 235


First Link® Care Navigator

Danielle Vernon - [email protected] 
Ext. 234


Minds in Motion® Lead

Jennifer Stubbert - [email protected]
Ext. 225

Minds in Motion® Coordinator

Melissa Foster - melissa@alzheimerjourney.ca
Ext. 124

Young Onset Day Service Coordinator

Joanne Berry - [email protected]
Ext. 237

Young Onset Day Service Assistant

Jennifer Watson - jwatson@alzheimerjourney.ca
Ext. 237


Support Program Supervisor

Denise Driver - [email protected]
Ext. 231


Client Support Coordinators                     

Sara deRuiter  - [email protected] Ext. 223

Bonnie Fitzgerald – [email protected]  Ext. 123

Jennifer Gooderham - j[email protected]  Ext. 226

Cortni Buchholz - [email protected]  Ext. 224

Meagan Smith – [email protected] Ext. 228

Gemma Wood - [email protected] Ext. 227


Education Program Manager

Sarah Cook - [email protected] Ext. 222


Education Coordinator

Kris Van Luven - [email protected] Ext. 240


Volunteer/Friendly Visiting Coordinator

Susan Simmons - [email protected] Ext. 230


Donor Relations Manager

Jennifer Johnstone - [email protected] Ext. 238


Donor Support Assistant

Jayne Barber - [email protected] Ext. 229


Donor Relations Coordinator

Ryan Arnold - [email protected] Ext. 232


Communications Associate

Clay Pearn - [email protected] Ext. 127