Our people


Meet some of the people working to create a kinder, more inclusive and supportive place for people living with dementia and see how you can join our team.

Staff Team

Staff & Volunteers at our Fire Truck Pull 

Our team is here to support you!

Executive Director

Leslie Parham - [email protected]  


Office Manager

Carolyn Hemminger - [email protected]


First Link® Care Navigator

Lisa Hughes - [email protected] 


First Link® Primary Care Memory Clinic Social Worker

Anne-Marie Peters - [email protected] 


Minds in Motion® Coordinator

Jennifer Stubbert - [email protected]


Young Onset Day Service Coordinator

Joanne Berry - [email protected]


Support Program Supervisor

Denise Ansell - [email protected]


Client Support Coordinators                     

Sara deRuiter  - [email protected]

Bonnie Fitzgerald – [email protected] 

Jennifer Gooderham - j[email protected]        

Meagan Smith – [email protected]

Danielle Vernon - [email protected]

Allison Walsh - [email protected]


Public Education Coordinator

Sarah Cook - [email protected] 


Client Education Coordinator

Shelby Barrie - [email protected] 


Volunteer/Friendly Visiting Coordinator

Susan Simmons - [email protected]


Fund Development Coordinator

Jennifer Johnstone - [email protected]


Data Entry Clerk – Donor Relations

Jayne Barber - [email protected]