Early diagnosis: The Missing Piece


An early diagnosis is vital to benefitting from new drug treatments.

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New drug treatments must be administered in the early stages 

There is currently no cure for Alzheimer's disease, but there have been some major breakthroughs in drug treatments which may slow its progression. In Canada there are currently four drugs approved to manage symptoms of the disease, a full list can be found on the Alzheimer Canada website.

In the United States, the  FDA has approved Lecanemab, (brand name Leqembi), a disease-modifying therapy for Alzheimer’s disease.  Leqembi was submitted to Health Canada for review in May of 2023.  All drugs authorized for sale in Canada must successfully undergo a federal drug review process which can take between one and two years. The Alzheimer Society of Canada has answers to questions about what you should know about Leqembi. 

Are you interested in participating in drug trials? The Alzheimer Society Research Portal connects researchers with Canadians looking to take part in research studies.  Through this portal, you can find active studies that you can take part in to help advance research on dementia. 

Recent medical research developments indicate that treatment must be administered in the early stages of the disease to be effective; this shows how critical it is to break down the barriers preventing people from seeking essential dementia care. The biggest hurdle is stigma. We can all play a part in stamping out the stigma. 

Be the Missing Piece by helping to change attitudes and remove prejudices toward dementia within your own social circle.  A change of mind can change someone else's life for the better.