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Learn more about the support programs, educational resources and referral services we offer to help support persons living the dementia journey.

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For more information about any of the programs and services we offer at the Alzheimer Society of Sudbury-Manitoulin North Bay & Districts, please contact us.

We are here to help

Our staff and volunteers provide support programs, educational resources, referral services and more to ease the burden of care and improve the quality of life for people living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, as well as their care partners and families.

Experience has shown that the earlier people begin to learn and strategize about coping with dementia, the better they are prepared and the better their care partners are able to provide support over time.

We hope you will find relief in knowing that you are not alone and do not have to pioneer your own path, when so many have gone before and have shared their learning.

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Support programs

These programs offer support and improve quality of life for people living with dementia, families and care partners.

First Link®

First Link® is an innovative program that connects people who are newly diagnosed with local healthcare providers across Ontario. People living with dementia can receive information about diagnosis, day-to-day living, positive approaches to care and how to prepare for the end of life.

The program also provides individual support and counselling and links people with the disease to other Alzheimer Society programs and services.

Learn more about First Link®.

Behaviour Support

The Behaviour Support facilitator works with families of the person living with dementia who demonstrates responsive behaviours, providing them with supportive strategies.

Learn more about Behaviour Support.

The Health Bistro Day Program

The Health Bistro Day Program is a welcoming centre offering people living with dementia a sense of security, compassion and the ability to live their life to the fullest while maintaining their dignity.

Learn more about our Health Bistro Day Program.

Health promotion programs

We offer various health promotion programs in the community that encourage healthy physical, cognitive and emotional well being for persons living with dementia and their care partners.

Learn more about our Health Promotion Programs.

In-home activation kits

In-home activation kits are developed by our recreation and health promotion facilitators and are customized to the person living with dementia. These kits are for people who are unable to access other programs outside of their home.

Learn more about our in-home activation kits.

Recreation therapy

Through recreation therapy, a person living with dementia receives a treatment plan that's designed for them, helping the person pursue what they're interested in as well as being introduced to new activities.

Learn more about our recreation therapy.

Dementia education and resources

The Alzheimer Society of Sudbury-Manitoulin North Bay & Districts offers public education and training for the general public, healthcare providers, first responders, care partners, family members and for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

For the general public

From educational presentations to dementia-centred training, our public education team can answer questions about brain health and living well with dementia.

Learn more about the educational presentations and trainings we offer.

Learning Series

Learning Series is a four week series designed for care partners and anyone looking to learn more about dementia. It provides a comprehensive overview of dementia, communication and coping skills as well as resources and community support systems.

Learn more about our Learning Series.

CARERS and Teach Program

These programs are developed by the Reitman Centre and offered by our Dementia Care Partner Counselor. These skills-based and interactive groups are designed for care partners of people living with dementia.

Learn more about our CARERS and Teach Program.

For healthcare providers

The Alzheimer Society of Sudbury-Manitoulin North Bay & Districts supports the ongoing learning and education of healthcare providers who are dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Check out our section for healthcare providers.

More resources on dementia

Across Canada, the Alzheimer Society offers resources for people living with dementia, caregivers, families, healthcare providers and first responders.

For a full list of helpful resources, visit our online resource library.

Referral services

If you are concerned that you may have dementia, or have been recently diagnosed and are unsure what your next step is, the Alzheimer Society of Sudbury-Manitoulin North Bay & Districts can help you get the information you need.


Dementia is not a normal part of aging.

  • If you are concerned about any of the early warning signs, go to your doctor.
  • If you don’t receive the help you need, ask to be referred to a specialist. You know your body and you should speak up if you have worries about Alzheimer's Disease or other dementias.
  • Our list of 10 warning signs can help you identify the signs of dementia.

For help and support with self-referral, please contact us.

Individual and group support

We provide a variety of support for people living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, caregivers, family members and healthcare providers, whether it is through individual support or a support group.

Find support in Sudbury, Manitoulin Island and North Bay.

Safety services

When Alzheimer's disease and other dementias progress, the person living with the disease has the potential to go missing. This situation presents a serious safety concern, but know that help and support is available.

Finding Your Way®

Finding Your Way® is a website dedicated to helping people living with dementia, their families, caregivers and communities to recognize the risk of going missing, be prepared for incidents of going missing, and ensure that people with dementia can live safely in the community.

Learn more about Finding Your Way®.

MedicAlert® Safely Home®

MedicAlert® Safely Home®is a nationwide service designed to help identify a person living with dementia who has gone missing. The service also ensures that the person returns to their family safe and sound.

MedicAlert® Safely Home® was created through a partnership between MedicAlert Foundation Canada and the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Learn more about MedicAlert® Safely Home®.