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Canadian Medical Association endorses need for a national dementia plan

Canada’s largest group of physicians approved a motion calling for a national dementia plan at its recent annual general assembly in Yellowknife. “The Alzheimer Society is thrilled to welcome the CMA on board,” says Naguib Gouda, Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer Society of Canada. “Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are an economic health crisis that continue to take a tremendous toll on families living with these diseases. We’re delighted to know that Canadian physicians stand behind us. As more people become aware of the necessity of action, we move closer to achieving a national dementia plan.”

Among its key recommendations, as outlined in its seminal Rising Tide report, the Alzheimer Society calls for greater seamless, flexible and responsive care for Canadians living with dementia whose numbers will top 1.1 million by 2038. Dr. Roger Butler, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, agrees. “Family physicians are seeing firsthand the tip of this iceberg and are acutely aware of the lack of community resources to meet the needs of these patients and their families and caregivers.” Butler, who attended the gathering in Yellowknife, further adds “the partnership with the Alzheimer Society and the CMA hopefully will be a wakeup call for our politicians to do as their colleagues in the U.S., Australia and most of Europe and India have already realized – make this terrible disease a health-care priority."

Listen to Naguib's comments during an interview with Goldhawk Fights Back