Discover ways to maintain a healthy brain

Watch the video in which Anne-Elisabeth Bossé sits down with Dr. Sylvie Belleville to talk about how to reduce your risk of developing dementia and what you can do to maintain a healthy brain.

Take action to reduce your risks

In Quebec, nearly 170,000 people are living with Alzheimer’s disease. If this trend continues, that means 360,000 Quebecers will be diagnosed with a form of dementia by 2050.

But, according to the Landmark Study that was published by the Alzheimer Society of Canada in September 2022, taking action at any age can help to reduce our risks of developing the disease.

10 actions for a healthy brain

Discover the 10 actions you can take for a healthy brain at any age. Download our fact sheet.

10 actions for a healthy brain
Activities for cognitive health

Learn more about the activities you can do to maintain your cognitive health. Download our fact sheet

Activities for cognitive health

Action N0 1 : Be physically active every day

Be physically active every day. Reduce sedentary time and move more. This can include all types of physical activities, such as walking, running, weightlifting, gardening, yoga, swimming, dancing, biking and team sports. Make sure to include at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

Action N0 2 : Take control of your health and protect your heart

Your overall health and your heart health are directly linked to your brain health and your ability to avoid dementia as you age. Keep a close eye on your blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

Action N0 3 : Give your brain a workout

Practice mental leisure activities that you enjoy. You’re never too old to learn new things!

Action N0 4 : Stay socially active and find meaning in life

Stay in touch with loved ones. Foster your friendships and family relationships. Find something to do every day, whether it’s housecleaning or heading to the grocery store, going for a walk or visiting a museum.

Action N0 5 : Get treated for depression

Remember that depression is more than just feeling down. Seek help to treat it and to improve the functioning of your brain.

Action N0 6 : Maintain your hearing

Use hearing aids if you need them. Protect your hearing from loud noises.

Action N0 7 : Get a good night’s sleep every night

Try to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night to maintain brain health.

Action N0 8 : Avoid excessive alcohol intake

Limit your consumption of wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Action N0 9 : Avoid all types of head injury

Steer clear of activities that could harm your brain and protect it by wearing a helmet, such as when you’re biking.

Action N0 10 : Adopt healthy habits

Make healthy food choices, learn to manage and reduce stress, quit smoking and get regular medical check-ups. All these actions will have a positive effect on your brain health.