Care Essentials

Care Essentials: a focus on communication and behaviour

Care Essentials provides an opportunity to learn and share with others who are supporting a family member or friend who is living with dementia.  Topics covered in Care Essentials address issues commonly faced by Care Partners who are supporting someone in the middle stages of dementia.  They include:

  • Communication:  Strategies to enhance communication
  • Behaviours:
    • Understanding and responding to behaviours
    • Supporting day-to-day life

Please note:  Care Essentials is designed for family and friends of a person living with dementia and is not suitable for professional caregivers.

Comments from past Care Essentials participants:

"This has been the best workshop I have attended!  The information was appropriate, concise, well presented, varied.  I feel I am leaving with knowledge I needed and can use!"

Information on upcoming Care Essentials courses - Winter/Spring 2020

Last Updated: 01/03/2020