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Become a Monthly Donor & Have Your Donation Matched

Throughout our lives, we become forever changed by the people who matter to us most. For Catherine Booth, they include her dad, Walter.

Walter Booth was a gifted engineer, a successful businessman, and a father who had a generous spirit.

Catherine admired and loved her dad. As her mentor, he inspired her to pursue her own career in engineering and on her graduation day, he was the one who placed Catherine’s Iron Ring on her finger—one of the most special memories they shared.

Throughout his life, he was always on the go, but life took a turn shortly after Walter retired. The family lost their wonderful mother, Marilyn.

Then Walter was diagnosed with dementia.

Watching how Alzheimer’s affected Walter more and more was heartbreaking for Catherine and their family. He became more withdrawn over time, and they didn’t know how to help him.

That is why Catherine Booth and her husband, Michael Kirk, will match your gift this World Alzheimer’s Month in loving memory of Walter Booth when you become a monthly donor by World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21.

People living with dementia and their care partners need our support now more than ever. Your contribution today will connect a family to education, counselling, and social recreation programs.


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This is your chance to make a lasting difference for thousands of people. Let’s make this difference together.

Donations will be matched up to $3,000 and will support social recreation programs at the Alzheimer Society of Lanark Leeds Grenville. Any subsequent donations will support the areas of greatest need including social recreation, education, and counselling.

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Social with a Purpose

Social with a Purpose. A re-branding of our traditional fall fundraiser, Coffee Break®. Social with a Purpose is a do-it-yourself fundraiser that promotes the importance of socializing, staying in touch, and building strong, positive relationships with your friends, family, and community. 

Host a Social with a Purpose to support people living with dementia.

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First Link Learning Series – First Steps
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Minds In Motion
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Hope to Cope – Virtual Support Group

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Other Support Groups (virtual for now)

Almonte Caregiver Support Group – Tuesday at 10 am
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Perth Caregiver Support Group – Friday at 10 am
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Carleton Place Care & Share Support Group – 
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Smiths Falls Loss & LTC Support Group
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Memory Café 
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