Anything for Alzheimer's

Anything for Alzheimer’s offers a way for individuals, businesses, schools, and other organizations to support people affected by dementia by hosting their own events or challenges. All you need is a little creativity, some planning, and the desire to make a difference.

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You could host a coffee break, take on a challenge, organize a bottle drive, donate your car, celebrate your birthday, or do any other creative idea you dream up – you can truly do Anything for Alzheimer’s!

What is Anything for Alzheimer’s?

Anything for Alzheimer’s is the name of our do-it-yourself event program. Anyone wishing to hold their own fundraising event can do so through this program. Use your own creative ideas, passions and talent to hold an event in support of people living with dementia do Anything for Alzheimer’s!

By registering your event through our Anything for Alzheimer’s website, we will help make it easy for you to fundraise, and for your donors to give! You will have a webpage you can personally customize with a unique link to share and promote your event. Your donors can complete their donations online and will receive a tax receipt automatically. Their donations will also count towards your personal fundraising goal and will raise your fundraising thermometer!

Anything for Alzheimer’s can also be also referred to as independent fundraising events and are conducted by volunteers in the community who take on all aspects of the event organization.

Everyone who fundraises on the Society’s behalf must agree to adhere to the Anything for Alzheimer’s Fundraising Policies.

How will my donation be used?

Your donation to the Alzheimer Society ensures crucial programs and services are available in communities throughout Huron and Perth Counties.

Ways you can fundraise

Host a Fundraising Event:

ONLINE - You can fundraise online by registering your event HERE and choosing a category that best suits your fundraiser. 

OFFLINE - If you would prefer not to fundraise online but would like to host an in-person fundraiser, please email Erin or Sarah, and we can help work out the details with you.

Why should I do Anything for Alzheimer's?

When you host an Anything for Alzheimer's event in your community, you help raise much-needed funds for local programs and services for people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers. Your support makes a huge difference in their lives.

By fundraising through Anything for Alzheimer’s, you’ll become part of an invaluable collective of individuals, corporate and community groups who are dedicated to making a difference for caregivers and people living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia.

The Alzheimer Society is dedicated to helping anyone concerned with or facing dementia have the confidence and skills to maintain quality of life, to ensuring that public policy and perceptions reflect the issues and reality, to securing funding for support and research and to raising awareness about the disease.

Traditional or wacky?

From the classic bake sale to a formal gala or a lively Zumbathon, when it comes to community fundraising the opportunities are endless. Take on an exhilarating challenge in support of people affected by dementia such as a trek or a swim or, keep it local with a garage sale or workplace fancy dress day. This is your chance to get creative!

Ask, ask, ask!

Why do some people not donate? Because they’re never asked! Invite a variety of people to donate to your fundraiser, including people who share interests or passions related to the Alzheimer Society Huron Perth.

Invite past donors

Is your fundraiser an annual event? Many donors give to the same charity year after year, so don’t be afraid to remind your supporters that you’re fundraising again. Remind them of their impact and inspire them with an even bigger fundraising goal for this year!

Keep the momentum

The earlier you start fundraising, the better. Always follow up with every person you’ve asked and keep people engaged with updates and photos from your fundraising journey. Don't forget to thank everyone who has helped you along the way: donors, vendors, volunteers - it all helps!

Make it real

If you’ve got a story, special memory or know an inspiring person, share it! Your personal connection with dementia will create a meaningful and lasting impression and motivate people to support your fantastic fundraising.

Have fun

Organize a bake sale or a garage sale; offer your services in exchange for a pledge; take on a challenge. How much are friends and family willing to give you to look silly? Involve your workplace: challenge your co-workers by placing a fundraising thermometer and spare-change jar on your desk. Every penny counts!

Perk up your Anything for Alzheimer's

Need some new ideas for your Anything for Alzheimer's? Check out the following tips:

  • Partner with another group, business, or organization.
  • Create a theme for your fundraiser.
  • Need to get rid of some things? Hold a silent auction.
  • Ask friends to bake goodies to donate.
  • Not a coffee fan? Consider a fruit smoothie or hot chocolate event.
  • Ask a local business to donate portion of their coffee, tea or pop or a prize and host a raffle.


The Society is not responsible for the content of pages created by those who fundraise on our behalf. The Alzheimer Society reserves the right to withdraw our support (which includes removing fundraising pages, content and images) at any time from any third-party event which we believe conflicts with our mission, guiding principles and/or policies. If you are not sure if your event fits with our goals, objectives, and guidelines, feel free to call at 519-482-1482 or 519-271-1910 us with any questions or to explore your idea further.