Learning the Ropes for Living with MCI®


Learning the Ropes for Living with MCI® is a healthy living program that supports people living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in Huron and Perth Counties.

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This program is open to registered clients of the Alzheimer Society Huron Perth with a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and their care partners.

For upcoming dates and registration details, please email us or call Huron 519-482-1482 / 1-800-561-5012 or Perth 519-271-1910 / 1-888-797-1882.

The focus of Learning the Ropes for Living with MCI® is on optimizing cognitive health through lifestyle choices, memory training and psychosocial support.

People living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are encouraged to attend along with a close family member or friend.

What is MCI?

  • MCI refers to cognitive decline, commonly involving memory, that is greater than expected for age but does not significantly reduce independence in carrying out daily activities.
  • MCI represents risk of future dementia. The overarching goal of Learning the Ropes is to influence this risk by delaying or perhaps even preventing dementia.

Learning the Ropes For Living With MCI® is facilitated by the Alzheimer Society Huron Perth.

Contact us for upcoming Learning the Ropes sessions