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Anything for Alzheimer's! Create your own event to raise funds for the Alzheimer Society of Perth County!

Anything for Alzheimer's.

Please contact for more information on third-party events.

What are third-party events?

Known as third-party events, these events are organized independently of the Alzheimer Society by people who want to make a difference in the lives of those living with dementia.

Funds from third-party events are donated to the Society and used to fund programs and services that are being delivered in our local communities.

All third-party events must be approved by the Alzheimer Society and adhere to the Society’s mission and values.

How we can help

The Alzheimer Society of Perth County CAN provide the following support for third-party events:

  • Use of the Alzheimer Society of Perth County wordmark and/or Forget-me-Not logo on promotional materials prior to the event. All printed and electronic promotional materials bearing the wordmark or logo must be approved by the Alzheimer Society prior to printing and distribution.
  • Issue charitable tax receipts. Monetary donations are eligible for tax receipts, according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Full contact information for donors must accompany each tax receipt request along with the donation amount and cash or cheque. The Alzheimer Society will issue tax receipts directly to donors after the event.
  • Provide literature on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. An assortment of brochures and hand-outs are available for your event.
  • Provide a speaker for your event. A volunteer from the Alzheimer Society Speaker’s Bureau may be able to do a presentation for your event. Please contact Christy Bannerman at if you wish to book a speaker.
  • Promote your event on our website and in our e-newsletter.



The Alzheimer Society of Perth County regrets that we CANNOT provide the following for third-party events:

  • Funding or reimbursement for event expenses, except where expressly agreed to in advance.
  • Mailing lists or e-mail lists. However, given enough notice we will promote your event in our e-newsletter.
  • Insurance and licenses/permits. We will not accept legal responsibility for third-party events.
  • Coordination of ticket sales.
  • Solicitation of corporate sponsorships or donations.
  • Staff support in the planning of the event.


Anything for Alzheimer's

You can also register and promote your event at our third-party event website, Anything for Alzheimer’s, and collect donations on line.