3rd Annual Holiday Dinner


Xmas dinner set up


This year has brought us many challenges, however we have been able to adapt and move forward with our programs and services.

This meant that we had to get creative for our Holiday Gathering this year. I brought the idea forward of having multiple dinners so that we could accommodate our clients and still maintain a safe distance between them. I was able to secure space at Grace United Church for multiple dates, and then I spoke with Pauline Henderson, caterer for Lunches for Learning, and she agreed to cater our dinners over the multiple evenings. Now it was time for music. Can’t have a Christmas dinner without music. I reached out to the wonderful world of Facebook, and within no time at all, I had a mom of the local youth singing group, Stage 6ix reach out to me. We chatted for a bit, and I saw a video of them and I loved their voices. They agreed to do all three dinners. Well that was that, the hard part done, now to send out the invites. We had such a great response from our clients to have the Christmas dinner, and the three nights were full in no time. We enjoyed a beautiful turkey dinner each night, and the magical voices of STAGE 6ix.

Even though we were socially distanced within our dinner gathering, we were still able to enjoy time spent together. We even had Santa join us in spreading some holiday cheer. Thank you to all involved in the planning and executing of these wonderful dinners. Everyone had such a great time.

Christmas Dinner



Meet the Band STAGE 6ix

Stage 6ix

From Left to right meet Noah Leonard, Michael De Carolis, Karissa Kern, Dana Parco, Jaymie Cowen, Madeline Aiken


Growing up singing together in local theatre over the last 11 years, this group recently formed with the hope of being able to give back to theatre, and the arts, which has been their safe place. Newly known as Stage 6ix, this young group, packed with talent, has been booking weekly shows throughout the city. Although this pandemic has brought about many changes for theatre and music, these kids have chose to entertain guests both young and old with their covers of new releases and best of the oldies. 

3rd Annual Holiday Dinner Celebration