Care Tips


Three co-workers standing together
  • Recognize how the person might be perceiving the situation
  • Connect, don’t correct. Focus on how the person is feeling and what they need, rather than what is factually correct from your perspective
  • Observe the person’s actions/body language – often they will communicate more than the person’s words
  • Invite the person to tell you more about what they are trying to do
  • Ask the person what you can do for them/how you can help
  • Don’t ask the person to multitask. Allow the person to do one thing at a time, such as chat with you, or make a payment, but not both at once
  • You won’t have the perfect answer for every situation. Get help from your manager or local emergency resources if you aren’t sure what to do

The above resources are from Dementia Friendly Canada. A Dementia Friendly Community commits to learning and using communication skills to support day-to-day interactions for persons living with dementia.

To learn more on how you can help make our local community dementia friendly, please contact Christine at [email protected].