Caregiver Resolutions


Starting in January it is common to come up with a resolution for the year.

Caregiver Resolutions

The following are ideas for caregiver resolutions: 

Start by first telling yourself “I give myself permission to not keep the following resolutions or to keep them only partway.” and “I give myself permission not to be perfect”

  •     I will not try to maintain the impossible  
  •     I will be realistic about the illness
  •     I will consider what can realistically change
  •     I will ask for help from others & share the load
  •     I will support myself like I am my own friend  
  •     I will accept help from others
  •     I will ask for help from others
  •     I will understand that I may not feel in control
  •     I will look for humour in joy when I can
  •     I will take care of myself too
  •     I will contact the Alzheimer Society for support and information

Another idea is to focus on one area you would like to improve and pick a word that represents that. Start by focusing on improving that idea for the year.

For example, if you feel you are always rushed and are not given others enough time. You may choose to word present for the year. You may still feel rushed and overloaded, but reminding your self to stop and listen, or stop and create a moment of joy for the person living with dementia. People living with dementia often feel outpaced and need others to be more present.  

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