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Please call ahead to get in touch with someone at our office,

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Attention: COVID-19

If you have a fever and/or new onset of cough or difficulty breathing AND in the 14 days before symptom onset, you have:

  • Been to a COVID-19 impacted area, or
  • You have been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 or
  • You have been in close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been to a COVID-10 impacted area,

Then please postpone your visits.

The Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington is still operating; however, we are not accepting unscheduled visitors. Please contact us (information below) for further information.

Please use one of the below links to connect with our departments. If you know which staff member you would like to connect with, please visit our staff directory page.

Hours: All offices are open 8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.





1145 Concession Rd.
Cambridge, ON N3H 4L5
2nd Floor
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69 Huron Street
Guelph, ON N1E 5L6
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831 Frederick St.
Kitchener, ON N2B 2B4
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Fax Number: 519-742-1862

En Francais: 

Gisele Hauser
[email protected] 
519-742-8518, ext 2023