Values & guiding principles

Our values


Our values are Collaboration, Equity, Integrity and Responsibility.


Our guiding principles


In all of our publications and communications, we focus on using person-centered language that support the following principles:


1.  Identity: every person is unique and deserves all the required advice and support


2.  Dignity and respect: To create the best conditions where the person can live without shame or ridicule; where people are treated with warmth and authenticity; listened to without judgment and with the opportunity for self-expression.


3. Acceptance and understanding: Each person should be accepted positively; be attuned to feelings and  needs of each individual while assuring him or her  respect for their fundamental liberties 


4.  Relationships: To support and preserve present relationships; to support the individual in his or her development of other positive relationships.


5.  Recognition and individuality: To recognize the individuality of each person with his or her own unique life experiences, personality, values, beliefs and opinions; and to have these factors respected and incorporated in support planning.


6.  Relationships of trust: To provide the necessary conditions to satisfy fundamental needs and create a climate for personal realization by providing relationships based on trust. In trustful relationships  the person knows that confidences are respected; choice and control are maintained; and that the person will not be abandoned.


Forget Me Not symbol


The Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies uses the Forget Me Not flower as a symbol to represent memory loss, one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Using this symbol reminds us not to forget people affected by neurodegenerative disease, as well as the demanding role of their close caregivers. Every flower on our logo represents the people affected by the disease, the caregiver and the Alzheimer Society.


Last Updated: 11/23/2018