Why a spokesperson?

The presence of a spokesperson beside us is a valuable asset to our mission. Either a very well known personality or a person affected by the disease, their engagement is crucial.

The role of a spokesperson is to represent the federation of Quebec Alzheimer societies in medias, to be present at the different event organised by the Federation, to raise awareness among the public on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias et finally to spread key messages of the Alzheimer’ Mouvment.

We were glad to be able to count on the support we received from:

  • Song writer, composer and singer Ingrid St-Pierre;
  • Jacques Languirand, former radio presenter at Radio-Canada who did animate the show “Par 4 chemins” for the last 40 years, before leaving the public sphere after he received the Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Mr Languirand passed away on January 2018;
  • The astronaute Steve MacLean.

You can also share your testimonial by email at [email protected].


Last Updated: 11/07/2019