Annual Board Calendar

When considering application to the Board, time commitment is always a a factor. Here is our calendar of meetings:

Annual General Meeting – May 21, 2020 

Board Meeting #1 – Following AGM

  • Officer and Committee Elections
  • Designate Signing Authority

Board Meeting #2 – Following Q1 (July/August)

  • Board Orientation
  • Review results of Previous Year Outcome Measurement
  • Review of Q1 Financial Statements

Board Meeting #3 – Following Q2 (October/November)

  • Conduct Strategic Planning
  • Review of Q2 Financial Statements

Board Meeting #4 – Following Q3 (January/February)

  • Approval (Review) of Strategic Plan
  • Review of Q3 Financial Statements 

Board Meeting #5 - March

  • Nominations and AGM Planning
  • Annual Plan and Budget Approval
  • Agreement of Outcomes for Next Fiscal Year 

Board Meeting #6 - May

  • Approve Audited Financial Statement
  • CEO Year-end Reports
  • Performance Evaluation of the CEO 

*Note:  In addition to this schedule, the Finance and Audit Committee will meet quarterly

Last Updated: 02/03/2020