Referrals/First Link

For people with dementia and care partners

If you are interested in accessing support services available through the Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington, you are welcome to contact us directly without a professional referral. You can contact us by calling one of our three offices or by email at [email protected]

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For Healthcare Professionals

The First Link referral program provides a way for you to connect individuals and families to help and support through the Alzheimer Society. 

If you are a physician or health care professional working in family practice, healthcare facilities or community agency settings, you can help people by referring them to the Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington. 

  • Obtain permission from the person with dementia and/or their care partner or family member to refer them to us as soon as the diagnosis is made
  • Once consent is received, send a referral to us by one of the following methods:
    1. Complete our referral form and send it in to our office via fax (519-742-1862);
    2. Submit a referral through the e-referral system for CCAC; or
    3. Make a referral through Caredove
  • Once the referral has been received, a registered social worker will contact the person with dementia and/or their care partner as soon as possible to provide information, assess needs and connect them directly to information and support services in their community.