Day Center and Respite Halt

Are you a caregiver? Our Day Center can be of precious help to you. It allows you to take a break while the person with Alzheimer's disease participates in activities led by a qualified team.

Senior man being helped at a local program.

Cognitive stimulation, adapted physical activities and creative workshops are on the schedule for each of these days. All these activities aim to ensure that the person with Alzheimer's disease maintains their abilities. This formula is as much a resource for the caregiver, who has time for themselves, as it is for the person with Alzheimer's disease, who benefits from social and cognitive activities.


Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 15:30

Please call us :

450 442-3333, ext.240

Programs and services

We want to stress the importance of activities that will allow people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (or other major neurocognitive disorders) and their caregivers to maintain a quality of life. Caregivers can be a spouse, an adult child, a relative or a friend.

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National ambassador Tanis Rummery.