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Bob Keep is a Saskatchewan care partner and Alzheimer Society client. He is sharing his family’s story in hopes of raising awareness to Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias, and the supports and services offered by the Alzheimer Society.

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My name is Bob Keep and I'm here to tell my story about my wife, Lizz, and our Dementia journey, thus far.

In December of 2022, my wife, Lizz, and I travelled to the Caribbean for a trip-of-a-lifetime cruise to commemorate and celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Shortly into the trip, I noticed little things Lizz would do that seemed odd after being with her 24/7. Towards the end of this memorable trip, I realized I had to take action.

It didn't take the doctor long to divulge that Lizz was displaying signs of dementia.

Lizz was assessed and after extensive functional and cognitive testing, it was concluded she had significant cognitive impairment and, as a result, we were told she is incapable of making informed decisions.

This was only one month after our trip.

I can tell you that my life changed on the day of her assessment. I quickly started making enquiries with healthcare workers I have known in the past. It quickly became apparent that this would be an uphill battle.

I immediately became a full-time caregiver while attempting to continue my full-time job and looking after an acreage and three dogs. At the outset, Lizz seemed to be okay, and I would leave her alone for a few hours and come back to find the kitchen sink overflowing or the gas stove burner in the on position. It became apparent that I could not leave her alone.

She didn't realize what was happening to her.

My daughter, Jaime-Lynn, spent countless hours searching for assistance and deciding what path for us to take. She discovered the Alzheimer Society.

They were a wealth of knowledge about what we were experiencing, and they were more than eager to assist us with suggestions, helpful aids, and by simply being a sounding board regarding dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Getting support from the Alzheimer Society has been monumental to us.

There is so much information available that it can be, genuinely, overwhelming but the Alzheimer Society offers help and resources for your situation. And, most importantly, they focus on helping Lizz stay as independent as possible.

Thanks to strategies from the Alzheimer Society, I have been able to reintroduce and include Lizz in things we were always accustomed to doing, such as going out to lunch or dinner with relatives or friends. I have taken her to social club functions where everyone around her is familiar.

We also participate in virtual webinars on understanding dementia and Minds in Motion, a community-based fitness and social activity program that incorporates physical activity and mental stimulation for those with early symptoms of dementia. We have been involved and enrolled for over a year now. We go to this program together twice a week, and it has been gratifying for us.

A husband, wife, and adult daughter standing behind an over-sized white photo frame that says "IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's"
Bob pictured here (left) with his wife, Lizz (center), and daughter, Jaime (right)
at the 2023 IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's in Saskatoon.

I am learning to accept Lizz’s condition and recognize more of what we need to do to treat it by seeking support from the Alzheimer's Society and the plethora of information and help they can offer.

At this point, the words Dementia and Alzheimer's have been very intimidating and misunderstood. While there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease. The most important thing to me is to get educated along with the rest of my family on what we are dealing with and how to cope and work within the parameters of our situation.

We now understand that dementia has a wide range of symptoms. We listen to others in the same situations, tell our stories, and listen to theirs.

I will always encourage others to contact the Alzheimer Society for information and support and to donate. By doing so, the organization can continue to fund vital research and help families like mine who are impacted by dementia.

Bob Keep

Together with Bob, let's make a difference.

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Kaleta Strain, CEO, Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan