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How the town of Saltcoats came together to learn more about dementia.

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Yorkton Public Library has been a community champion for dementia friendliness in Yorkton, Melville, and the surrounding rural areas and others are starting to follow their lead.

After learning about Yorkton Public Library hosting us for an ABC's of Dementia presentation earlier this May, and learning about the work our Dementia Community Coordinator has done to help Yorkton Public Library become more dementia friendly, local resident, Sandra Kerr, made a special effort to get resources in her community. She helped the Saltcoats Public Library and Lake Town Leaders Seniors’ Club recognize a need for the town of Saltcoats to learn more about the dementia and its considerations. Then, they contacted us at the Alzheimer Society to see how we could help.

On May 26th, 25 people from the town of Saltcoats attended our ABC’s of Dementia presentation to learn more about the 10 evidence-based warning signs of dementia, as well as the importance of a timely diagnosis. That’s 25 more people who now may be able to recognize the signs in themselves or someone they care about, and 25 more people who can share this information with their friends, family members, neighbours, and networks.

Successful community development hinges on local businesses, organizations, and social clubs connecting and forming reciprocal partnerships. The town of Saltcoats demonstrated how organizations with shared visions and goals can learn from other stakeholders and work together to make our communities better. We are excited to see how dementia friendly the Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan project area will become in the coming months and years. 

We have another opportunity for community members in Melville and the surrounding areas to learn more about dementia.

Join us Monday, July 18th at the J.K. Reynolds Auditorium in the Melville Community Works Building for our ABC’s of Dementia presentation:

800 Prince Edward Street, Melville

6:30pm Local time

Open to the public

Dementia can cause changes in abilities, behaviour and communication that affect an individual’s daily life. These changes – the ABC’s of Dementia – include, but are not limited to, memory loss, disorientation in time and space, and loss of initiative.

This presentation is offered as part of the Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan Project.

For more information about this presentation or to learn how you can get involved in the Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan project, please contact:

Jackie Hofstrand

Dementia Community Coordinator

Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan

(306) 783-6606

[email protected]


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