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Learn more about how Yorkton Public Library is working to improve community life for people affected by dementia.

Our Dementia Community Coordinator with four Yorkton Public Library Staff

“I am grateful for how the Alzheimer Society made me aware just how broad and varied dementia can be, but also how easy it is to continue helping people affected by dementia with a bit of understanding and a few extra tools to deploy. Hopefully more people take this Dementia Friendly training to realize how widespread the effects of dementia are but also how simple and rewarding it can be to make public spaces more dementia friendly."

- Library Attendant, Yorkton Public Library

On February 14th, our Dementia Community Coordinator facilitated dementia friendly training for six staff members from Yorkton Public Library, as part of the Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan project. The staff learned more about dementia and the changes in abilities, behaviour, and communication it can cause, as well as the dementia friendly framework which includes:

  • Challenging stigma;
  • Developing partnerships to enhance community supports;
  • Adapting physical and social environments;
  • Creating inclusive community routines and patterns.

With libraries serving as central hubs for community resources and connection, many of the staff who participated in the training recognized that they have a real opportunity to help enhance the quality of life for people living with dementia and their care partners.

Yorkton Public Library is truly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about what it means to be a Dementia Friendly organization.  Learning more about what it means to be Dementia Friendly has broadened our perspective so that we can improve our facility and our service in hopes of being more accessible to those patrons who face the challenges of dementia.  We want them, as well as their care partners, to know that our Library is a safe and welcoming place.”

Amber Harvey, Branch Manager – Yorkton Public Library

The Yorkton Public Library staff shared that they now feel much more equipped to support patrons who are living with dementia.

"The Dementia Friendly training was helpful in understanding patrons and people we already worked with and some of the difficulties they face. Not only did I learn to identify those issues but also how to support people in various stages of dementia retain their independence, get the services they need to live a full life, and understand how many difference people are affected by dementia and how we can help them.”

- Library Attendant, Yorkton Public Library

Amber Harvey, Branch Manager of Yorkton Public Library, intends to create a working group composed of library staff members and patrons with lived experience dedicated to furthering their dementia friendly efforts.

We thank Yorkton Public Library for their commitment to and enthusiasm around helping people with dementia to live well. Having a community to go to that understands and can support you can change everything for a person living with dementia. We welcome other libraries and organizations who would like to learn more about becoming more dementia friendly to connect with us.


Jackie Hofstrand
Dementia Community Coordinator
Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan
(306) 783-6606

[email protected]


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Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan is led by the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU) at the University of Regina and is funded by the Government of Canada. 

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