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Durham Art Gallery presents Tony Luciani's  MAMMA: In The Meantime and Elia Luciani's My COOLPIX AND I

January 26th – March 19th, 2017

Durham Art Gallery: 251 George Street E., Durham ON (519) 369-3692
Tuesday to Friday, 10 to 5 · Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, 1 to 4
For more information please visist: http://www.durhamart.on.ca/index.php

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Image Credit: Tony Luciani: When a Child Has a Child
Archival photo print on Hahnemühle paper
Image size: 11.25 x 20; edition of 10

These collections, which can be viewed at the Durham Art Gallery, are near to our hearts. When 92 year old Elia Luciani could no longer live at home as a result of her dementia she moved in with her son Tony.  This is a familiar story for us all.

Tony, an award winning painter who was beginning to explore photography, soon found that through his camera he was able to connect with his mother. Their photo sessions became a regular activity. “I noticed how alive she felt by participating,” says Tony, “her youthfulness and eccentricity started to show through.”   MAMMA: In The Meantime is the result of those photo sessions. It is the product of a special partnership that explores both the lighter sides of Elia’s personality and the darker side dementia.

Tony, who is always seeking to increase his mother’s involvement, purchased her a Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot camera. Her own work has produced many striking images which are on display as MY COOLPIX AND I.

Although the effects of dementia are unique to everyone many individuals and care partners share similar experiences. Tony has commented that “Life is not about waiting to die. It’s about wanting to live.” These collections show us that a diagnosis of dementia is not the end. There is capability and connection to be found and expressed.

These photographs remind us that communication and expression are healthy parts of the relationship between care partners and that sometimes it requires new, perhaps unique, ways of connecting with each other. It is up to all of us to make those connections happen, and not to give up on the person with dementia who is trying so hard to make sense of the world around them with what still remains.

We invite you to view these collections at the Durham Art Gallery during regular gallery hours.

The collection will be on display from January 26th to March 19th, 2017

For more information please visit: http://www.durhamart.on.ca/index.php

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