GONE (anglais)

Jacklyn Rocco

A tribute to Manuela

I see you everywhere,
I see you nowhere,
I wander around endlessly to search without a goal, My eyes fail me, As my mind slowly releases my blurred thoughts, I can control my movements, Yet I don’t know where they take me, I slip away and return only for moments, I am the same the mirror does not lie, I show emotions, I fight for my rights, I am misunderstood, unaware of what surrounds me, It is lonely, but I do not notice, Changes are coming, I turn the other way, I need your help, Yet I don’t want you to intrude, I hear my choices, but I push them away, It posses my spirit, It dampens my soul, It is lonely, I do not notice, I need my independence, Childish are my ways, I was capable once of many things, No longer true, When does this journey end, I will never know. 

© Jacklyn Rocco

Last Updated: 11/08/2017