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A gift from the heart

New Brunswick
November 14, 2022

Gaynelle Wood utilized a number of services and resources while she and her husband were on the dementia journey. Now, she is giving back to her community to help ensure that support is available for others navigating a diagnosis of dementia.

Gaynelle Wood and her husband, Fred.

Walking for a Cure

New Brunswick
May 18, 2022

After her husband was diagnosed with Young onset dementia, Georgette turned to the Alzheimer Society for support. Now, they both participate in the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s in the hope that funds raised for research will lead to the discovery of a cure.

Georgette and Guy

The Jones’ Legacy

New Brunswick
May 2, 2022

The Jones family will be walking in the 2022 IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s. This will be their ninth year participating in memory of Glenna Jones.

Shelly Jones and her 2 sons participating in the walk

The Heartbeat of the Alzheimer Society

New Brunswick
April 25, 2022

The Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick appreciates all volunteers who have given their time and efforts to the Society. In honour of National Volunteer Week, learn about how a group of volunteers from the Chaleur region make a difference in their community in a big way.

Photo of the 8 committee members

Author of “Fighting the Good Fight” on his Diagnosis

New Brunswick
January 4, 2022

When people learn I am living with Alzheimer’s disease, often times they start treating me differently. Sometimes they want to look after me. Other times they make assumptions about my capabilities. Even though I am living with Alzheimer’s, I am still me.

Photo of Patrick in a wooden frame, hanging on a teal wall

A Love That Grew

New Brunswick
January 4, 2022

My husband I have been married for 54 years. We have faced many challenges in that time that have put our love to the test, but it was those challenges that allowed us to grow in love. When Don was diagnosed with dementia 10 years ago, it was another challenge that has grown a deeper and lasting love. That love has given us the strength to face the daily challenges of dementia.

A photo of Maggie and Don on their wedding day in a wooden frame, hanging on a teal wall.

Learning Instead of Accepting

New Brunswick
January 4, 2022

After my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, we decided to be open about it.

A photo of Martine and Gérard in a wooden frame hanging on a teal wall.

Reaching Out to Find a Way

New Brunswick
January 4, 2022

A diagnosis of dementia is not easy. Finding a community of support can make a big difference in the journey. We found our community through the Alzheimer Society.

A photo of Peggy and her husband, Eric, in a wooden photo frame hanging on a teal wall