NB’s first MINT Memory Clinic

New Brunswick

The first MINT Memory Clinic in New Brunswick was opened earlier this year. What does this mean for New Brunswickers? Read on to find out!

Photo of MINT team in Miramichi, New Brunswick, and Dr. Linda Lee, the founder of the MINT Clinic model in Ontario.

The Alzheimer Society is pleased to be part of a pilot clinic model in Miramichi called the MINT Memory Clinic. One of our First Link Coordinators is an integrated member of a multispecialty team which represents a new way of accessing timely diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, and support. 

What is MINT?

MINT Memory Clinics use an integrated, team-based model that helps build capacity and improve access to high-quality memory care. Founded in Ontario by Dr. Linda Lee, this model is based on a Multispecialty, INterprofessional Team whose members each have a unique expertise and are specifically trained in caring for people living with dementia and other memory difficulties. These teams consist of physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers who work closely with the patient’s family doctor and with community groups such as the Alzheimer Society.

A Shift in Memory Care in NB

What makes the MINT Memory Clinic unique is that it integrates primary care, specialist care and community services to save costs, reduce wait times and improve dementia care access for patients. Currently when someone in New Brunswick is experiencing memory impairment, the path to a diagnosis can be long and unclear. It can be difficult to get a referral to see a specialist, and even then, there is typically a 6+ month wait.

MINT Memory Clinics offer timely access to compassionate memory care and navigational supports, all in one place that’s close to home. They dramatically speed up the diagnosis process:  in 1-2 hours per patient over 1-2 visits, the MINT team assesses, diagnoses, and creates a care plan to be shared with the family doctor and other healthcare providers.

The Role of the ASNB

After someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia at the MINT Memory Clinic, they are immediately connected with the First Link Coordinator at the Alzheimer Society. From there, we connect the individual diagnosed and their family with programs and supports and help them navigate their dementia journey.

Help and support

Whether you want to learn more about the programs and services we offer, or find dementia-related information specific to your needs, the Alzheimer Society has the education and resources to help you.

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Our resource centres

The Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick has five staffed resource centres around the province. On this page, get the information you need to get in touch with the resource centre closest to you.

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Programs and services

The Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick provides quality programs and services free of charge to individuals living with dementia, their families and their care providers.

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