Minds in Motion®


Minds in Motion® is a community-based social program that incorporates physical activity and mental stimulation for people with early to mid-stage signs of dementia and their care partners.

For further information and registration details contact Lynda Low, Minds in Motion Coordinator, at mim@alzheimermuskoka.ca or 705-645-5621.

About Minds in Motion®

Combining physical activity and mental stimulation, Minds in Motion unfolds to laughter and chatter, with new friendships forming and stories being shared.

Benefits of Minds in Motion®

For the person with dementia:

  1. Improved balance, mobility, flexibility, and alertness,
  2. Increased confidence, and comfort with their own circumstance,
  3. Mutual support from others facing similar experiences.

For the care partners, it’s an opportunity to focus on their own health, and have fun with their partner.

Care partner benefits include:

  1. Seeing the person they are caring for enjoying themselves.
  2. Mutual support and learning from other care partners.

All participants can benefit from:

  1. Sharpened mental functioning, sometimes lasting 2-3 days.
  2. Increased sense of social participation.

Here's the Pilot Findings:

  • Participants’ endurance improved by 20% and strength by 15%.
  • Participants reported decreased social isolation and an increase in informal networks of support.
  • 79% of participants continue with physical and social programs after participating.
  • Close to 100 volunteers and students have been trained and are active in program delivery.
  • 90% of staff, volunteers and students identified an increase in their dementia knowledge.

Brain Health

Staying active in the community can help decrease the risk of developing dementia, can delay the onset of dementia, and may slow the disease progression.

What can you do to keep your brain healthy?

Participant Testimonies

Here's what participants had to say about it:

“Excellent program - great people, got me out of the house and got a lot of information and communication with other people. I felt more comfortable being here a second time, saw an improvement in my mother - she smiled often!”

“Should have on repeat all year long”

“The meaningful activity portion of the program is an excellent concept for mental stimulation, positive encouragement [and] promoting self esteem. My relative really enjoyed the interaction and social aspect with the other participants.”

“I already requested to be in the next MiM program, good job by all involved”

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Facts and Resources

Want to keep your Brain healthy?

Staying active in the community has many benefits for your brain health. It can help decrease the risk of developing dementia, can delay the onset of dementia, and may slow the disease progression. Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend all adults (18 and older) should accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week, in bouts of at least 10 minutes.

Here are some resources to help you stay active:

Ontario Brain Institute Resources: Boost Your Brain and Body Power, Physical Activity and Alzheimer’s Disease

Another great resource from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology: Guidelines for exercise, by age groups

Join us

Minds in Motion is a program intended for people with early to mid-stage signs of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias and their care partners. However, individuals are welcome to join on their own as well!

Three ways you can get involved with Minds in Motion:

  1. Become a participant: Join Minds in Motion in your community today! Upon sign-up, participants will be asked a few questions to ensure the program is the right fit for them.
  2. Become a program delivery partner: Are you a recreational service provider and want to offer your services to Minds in Motion? Get in touch with the Alzheimer Society of Muskoka today to find how you can help.
  3. Volunteer: Are you looking for a fun and interactive opportunity to give back to your community? Minds in Motion is a great program to volunteer your time for. Make a difference in your community and join our team today!

For more information on upcoming Minds in Motion sessions in Muskoka and Parry Sound please contact Lynda Low:

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