To aide with wayfinding and ease of navigation, we placed directional signage at all decision points to clearly identify where various rooms and spaces are within the office. The design of these signs is very intentional, and incorporates several dementia-friendly elements. Most of the signage in our space is yellow and black; research shows this colour combination lasts for the longest length of time in human eyes!

On all signage we chose to use a clear, literal image to help with cueing and wayfinding, a word in clear, simple text, and a directional arrow. The material of the signs is non-reflective to avoid glare.

All signs were intentionally placed at eye-level so that they are easier to spot and easier to read.

Rooms in our office have been named based on their purpose, and to answer any questions about the purpose of the room behind each door. For spaces that do not have a clear purpose for those who might use our space (such as our storage areas) we have not labelled the door so as to not call attention to these rooms.

Small exit signs have been placed on the back of each door. Because the doors are a similar colour as the walls, we wanted it to be very clear where the exit is in each room when the door is closed.

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Last Updated: 10/30/2019