Our services

Please call us at 1-800-664-8411 or email [email protected] to access information and support.


  • Telephone and in-office support for families, caregivers, and those with Alzheimer or a related disease: In addition to our toll-free line, we also meet regularly with families experiencing a new diagnosis, and maintain ongoing support services through to the end stages of the disease.
  • Resource Centers / Offices: We have 6 staffed resource centres around the province where families can receive information and support.  Our resources include a complete selection of brochures and fact sheets as well as books, audio-visual materials, journals, and newsletters. 

  • Bilingual toll free support line accessible throughout New Brunswick: This toll-free line is used by families and individuals with the disease who have questions, or require support or information.  We answer over 600 calls per year on our toll-free line, and send out over 700 free comprehensive information kits to families.

  • Free bilingual resources: We provide comprehensive information kits to families to help them to navigate and plan for the Alzheimer journey.  Our free resources include information sheets and brochures, as well as a free lending and video library.

  • Educational sessions: We provide a range of presentations for the general public and caregivers.  Our goal is to inform and educate New Brunswickers and to help increase awareness and decrease stigma.  We also offer in-services to health care professionals on the disease, and how to care for persons with dementia.

  • Awareness Campaign: Each year in January, we launch our Awareness Campaign with the intent of promoting awareness about the disease, and to therefore decrease stigma associated with the diagnosis.  This campaign included a media campaign, and a coordinated effort of staff and volunteers to made Alzheimer’s and related diseases top of mind. 

  • Advocacy: The Alzheimer Society actively advocates for systemic issues of concern for people with Alzheimer’s and related diseases and their families.

The Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick is leading the charge to turn the tide of dementia. We provide quality programs and services to individuals with dementia, and to their families and care providers. We inform government of the issues that are important to New Brunswickers living with dementia, and advocate for change. We fund both biomedical and quality of life research to ensure that we are providing help for today, and hope for tomorrow. 

As we confront the increases in the demands on our programs and services, we struggle with trying to do more with less. Our fundraising efforts are the primary means to support our mission. We struggle with a competitive appeal for donor support, and a public consciousness that has not yet grasped the significance of the issue of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in our province.

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Last Updated: 01/05/2018