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The Quest is a completely digital fundraising experience.
Participants will form teams or join as an individual. Participants will set fundraising goals for themselves, and for their team.

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The Quest is a completely digital fundraising experience. 

Participants will form teams or join as an individual.  Participants will set fundraising goals for themselves, and for their team.  The Participant Centre has emails that can be sent to family and friends to request support.  A Time Capsule is available to indicate who you are participating for and to post pictures of Quests being completed.

Throughout the month of February, participants will be engaged through the online platform to perform several “Quests” that align with our four pillars: Mind. Body. Spirit. Care.  Once a Quest activity is completed, the participant will receive a badge.

Fundraising Milestones:

  • Earn Mind, Body, Spirit and Care Badges on your personal profile page when you reach 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your fundraising goal.
  • Receive additional Quest badges as you complete activities in the Quest Centre.
  • Sample Quests Below:

Mind Quest Category:

  • DIY Memory Book
  • Online word search

Spirit Quest Category:

  • Online Yoga Session
  • Mindfulness Lesson

Body Quest Category:

  • Complete a 5k walk/run
  • NIA-Non-Impact Aerobics Session

Care Quest Category:

  •  Brain Healthy Cooking Recipe Video
  • ·Virtual Trivia-Live Event Weekly

The Quest will launch on February 1 and end on February 27.  A celebration through zoom is being planned for February 27 that will include a photo montage, music and keynote speakers.

Get started:

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