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RECAP: Research Day 2024

Windsor-Essex County
April 17, 2024

ASWE hosted their first research day with Dr. Joshua Armstrong (Alzheimer Society of Canada), Dr. Jerome Cohen, and Dr. Siyaram Pandey (both from the University of Windsor).

This event will showcase the fascinating research taking place on both a national and local level. The esteemed presenting researchers are Dr. Joshua Armstong (Alzheimer Society of Canada), Dr. Jerry Cohen (University of Windsor), and Dr. Siyaram Pandey (University of Windsor). Keanna Dube (Doctoral Candidate Research Assistant, University of Windsor) will provide additional presentation support.

Generosity of Spirit Award 2021

Windsor-Essex County
March 16, 2021

The Generosity of Spirit Award, established in 2011 will honour 40 years of ASWE’S community service. It recognizes philanthropic leadership in advancing our cause in Windsor and Essex County.