Programs and Services

  • DAY Centre
  • Caregiver Support
  • Resource Library
  • Administration Centre 


2-240 Edward St.
Aurora, ON
L4G 3S9

Tel: 905-726-3477
Fax: 905-726-1917
Toll-free: 1-888-414-5550
[email protected]

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Loren Freid (Mr.)
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 223
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Vicki Lombardi
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 221
[email protected]

Director of Finance and Support Services
Iftekhar Hossain 
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 224
[email protected]

Director of Philanthropy
Tammy Bucci
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 233

Senior Program Manager
Franca Contardo
905-726-3477, ext. 247
[email protected]

Accounting Assistant
Sandra Zhu
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 226

Finance & Data Coordinator
Allanna Yates
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 222
[email protected]

Communications and Fund Development Coordinator
Lisa Day
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 229
[email protected]

Events Coordinator
Carol Dowell
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 244
[email protected]

Fund Development Coordinator
Yolanda Mol Amelink
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 231
[email protected]

First Link Coordinator
Sara MacLean, SSW, BSc
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 235

Public Education Coordinator
Jaime Cruz, SSW
Tel: 905-726-3477, ext. 234
[email protected]

Social worker/CARERS clinician - Please note, CARERS program is cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns until the week of April 13.
Isabella Velikovsky, MSW, RSW
905-726-3477, ext. 236
[email protected]

Arie Young, BSSc (Hons.), RSW
905-726-3477, ext. 227
[email protected]

DAY Centre Staff
Laura Letassey (Senior Program Worker)
Maurice Del Fabro
Mary Rangel Gallardo
Kate Kucera
Amy King
Tracey O'Connell
Janet Keele
Stella Squires
May Yuen
Babita Nakhwa
Ryan Donaldson
Patrick Kwan (Driver)



Last Updated: 03/15/2020