#40, 1202 - 2nd Avenue South
Lethbridge AB T1J 0E3

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (MST)

Phone number: 1-866-950-5465

Services in Lethbridge

We offer programs and services free of charge to individuals living with dementia, their families, and care partners.

Our staff in the Lethbridge office can provide you with information, education, and support through individual meetings, presentations, and support groups. We are available to help you navigate the health system and direct you to appropriate community services in your area.

We work with health providers through our First Link® referral program. First Link® lets health providers focus on the medical aspects of dementia care while we focus on providing the support you need throughout the progression of the disease.

We partner with many local organizations to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer Society. We encourage everyone to help raise the funds we need and join in our efforts.