Help ensure Alberta political candidates know the value of supporting people living with dementia.

Alberta and Northwest Territories


2023 Election Resource Guide

This resource guide has been developed to provide our stakeholders and advocates with information about dementia and tools to engage with political parties and candidates during the 2023 Alberta election.

Engaging in conversation with parties and candidates prior to the election will help to open dialogue and build a foundation for working together with the government, opposition parties, elected representatives and their staffs after the election concludes.

The Alzheimer Society approach is nonpartisan – meaning we provide information about election topics and issues but do not favour or criticize a specific political party or candidate. Our aim is to foster open discussions and dialogue about issues that impact those living with dementia, their families and care providers.

We hope to make Dementia a health and social priority and help ensure every party, candidate and elected representative knows the importance and value of caring for and supporting people living with dementia and their care partners.

There are simple ways you can get involved and engage with local representatives and candidates this election season:

  • Attend a candidate forum to hear from the candidates and ask questions about their stance on issues related to dementia.
  • Ask for a meeting with your local candidates by calling, emailing, or sending a letter to their constituency or campaign office.
  • Post/share on social media on dementia issues and priorities
  • Share stories, questions, and experiences directly with candidates by sending a letter to their campaign office or team
  • Ask questions about where a candidate/party stands on issues relating to dementia when candidates and /or canvassers come to your door.

See the election toolkit here.