Roger Marple Volunteer Award 2023

Alberta and Northwest Territories

The Roger Marple Volunteer Award has been established, in consultation with Roger, to recognize a volunteer who exemplifies the qualities and efforts Roger Marple embodied in his daily life and his work on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society and those living with dementia.



Roger Marple was an active board member of the Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories from September 2018 to his passing in October 2022. He worked tirelessly to reduce the stigma of dementia and promote dementia supportive communities. His passion and contributions were particularly impactful in the development of the 2021-2022 strategic plan, which will shape the direction the Society will take for years. 

Roger was diagnosed with dementia in 2015 and shared his diagnosis openly a year later. He discussed his diagnosis and worked closely with his employer, Alberta Health Services, to develop strategies to keep him working. Roger generously shared his experiences and worked with the Society to develop information and techniques for employers to assist people diagnosed with dementia, allowing them to continue to contribute to the success of their organizations and communities. 

Roger became a national Ambassador for the Alzheimer Society of Canada and sat on several of research committees. He spoke about the stigma of dementia at several conferences and University seminars, provincially and nationally. Roger was active with the World Health Organization’s Dementia Research initiatives, various studies, and peer review projects. 

His passion to speak up about the stigma of living with dementia went above and beyond expectations. Roger always supported and advocated to help break society's barriers. 

The first volunteer award in his name was presented to Roger posthumously in January of 2023.


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Eligibility and Award Criteria

The award will be presented to the volunteer who supports people living with dementia and personifies Roger’s promise of:  

“I promise I will not make fun of any challenges you may have with your terminal condition called life. I will see who you are regardless of any challenges you may have.  I will recognize and support you to live your life to the fullest regardless of the challenges you have. I promise to recognize what hope looks like for you living your life to the fullest, with the time you have left, so you can live a good quality of life. And most of all, I will respect who you are.” 

Preference will be given to anyone who has taken on the battle against stigma and or promotes dementia supportive communities.  

Nomination Criteria

When applying for this award, please include the following:  

An overview of actions, initiatives and strategies the volunteer has used to support, influence, and recognize: 

  • people living with dementia,  
  • an enhanced quality of life for people living with dementia, 
  • the reduction of stigma, and/or  
  • the promotion of dementia supportive communities.  

Please look to demonstrate any or all of the following:  

  • The volunteer’s commitment to the four areas of focus. 
  • Targetable and measurable demonstration of how the actions, initiatives and strategies of the volunteer has impacted the four areas of focus. 
  • The result of the influence the volunteer has had regarding dementia supportive communities.  
  • If and how this has affected dementia related issues provincially and nationally. 
  • If and how this volunteer has affected or improved community-wide[1] issues that affect the community’s and/or its member’s quality of life. 
  • If and how the volunteer has impacted education, support and information related to the practice of others. 
  • Any related achievements over the past year and how these achievements are innovative and inspiring. 

Nominations will be judged by the executive leadership of the Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories. The judges will apply a standardized rubric to all nominations and the nominee with the highest score will be the winner.  All nominees will be notified of the outcome in December and all nominees are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting where the winning nominee will be announced.  

The judges will not engage any nominees during the selection process. Preference will be given to anyone who has taken on the battle against stigma and or promotes dementia supportive communities. 

Our 2023 Award Judges include: 

  • George Andrews, President & Chief Executive Officer  
  • Christene Gordon, Executive Director Dementia Supportive Communities  
  • Brenda Burrell, Vice President, Finance & Chief Operating Officer 
  • Holli Bjerland, Vice President External Relations & Chief Development Officer  
  • Ambere Porter, Programs and Partnerships & Vice President, Chief Service Officer. 


Individuals can be nominated from anywhere in Canada by any individual or organization.  Organizations are not eligible to be nominated.  


Nomination accepted until November 30th, 2023 


There is no cost to apply. 


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