A changing melody....

A Changing Melody is a conference planned by and for persons with dementia.

The name comes from a wonderful story about famed violinist Itzhiak Perlman who was performing at the Lincoln Centre in New York.

Just as he finished the first few bars in his recital, one of the strings on his violin broke. To everyone’s amazement, and without fixing the string, Perlman closed his eyes and continued to play, changing and recomposing the piece as he went.

At the end Perlman said to the audience:

 “You know, sometimes it is the artist’s task to find out how much music he can still make with what he has left”.

When the Changing Melody program was first being developed by the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP) at the University of Waterloo an individual with dementia told this story and proposed the name for the conference.

At the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce Changing Melody conference in the fall of 2013 three individuals shared very touching and heartfelt stories about their personal experiences.

Read their stories here

Donald Wilmot John Testori  Mac Morrison

My life has been changing fast recently. Thanks to the Alzheimer Society, I’m finding good ways to keep up with those changes, and still to enjoy life.

Try to see the humour in your situation. Realize that dementia is a disease and can be treated. So think positive, and make the best of what you have.

I’m Mac Morrison. I have dementia, but I’m still me. And I still enjoy life.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017