Book sales

Book Sales

The volunteers at the Alzheimer Society of Hastings-Prince Edward have been running used book sales in Belleville since 1989. Sales are held the first Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of February, June and November. The community has learned that the Society is the place to go when weeding out bookshelves at home.

Every single day, we receive donations of books - sometimes one or two singles, sometimes five or six boxes! Volunteers come in on a regular basis to sort through the donations, sorting them into fiction/non-fiction, softcover/hardcover and finding some gems for themselves along the way.

Currently all of our books are priced under $5

  • Mondays are the day with most selection of books, prices are $4/hardcover and $3/softcover (unless otherwise marked)
  • Tuesdays all books are 50% off $2/hardcover and $1.50/softcover
  • Wednesdays fill ANY bag for $5


Book Donations

If you wish to donate your used books, please note that, because we have had more book donations than ever before (and we are running out of storage space), we can ONLY accept novels (hard or soft cover) in good condition and we are currently able to take a MAXIMUM of 5 boxes of your book donations at this time. We are happy to take your donation at our Belleville office during regular business hours. Thank you!

2020 Book Sale Dates

  • February 4, 5 & 6
  • June 2, 3 & 4
  • November 3, 4 & 5