Help make York Region dementia-friendly

The Alzheimer Society of York Region offers information and certification on how local businesses, public transportation teams, EMS, libraries, recreation centres and restaurants can become dementia-friendly.

Dementia Friendly Communities York Region

Dementia Friendly Communities York Region

What is a dementia-friendly community?

A dementia-friendly community is a community that:

  • UNDERSTANDS dementia and the challenges that people living with dementia face in their community
  • ENCOURAGES the inclusion and independence of people living with dementia
  • ASSISTS people living with dementia in the most appropriate and helpful ways
  • VALUES and welcomes people living with dementia in their businesses and establishments

To learn about:

  • What is dementia? 
  • Perspectives of people living with dementia
  • How to recognize, interact and communicate with people living with dementia
  • Environmental considerations
  • Strategies for including dementia friendly practices in Accessibility and Age Friendly standards
  • Practical tools to maintain a dementia-friendly workplace 

Businesses, organizations, community groups and municipal governments who wish to receive formal recognition for their dementia-friendly initiatives can partake in dementia-friendly communities training through the Alzheimer Society of York Region.

To inquire about training please contact:

Public Education Coordinator, Jaime Cruz

Completing the training offers formal recognition with a provincial decal and helps identify dementia-inclusive and dementia-accessible places and spaces. Below please find a list of places and spaces in York Region that are certified dementia-friendly. 

What is involved in becoming certified as dementia-friendly?

  • A formal commitment to have at least seventy-five per cent of staff (and volunteers, as applicable) trained
  • A plan in place to train remaining staff/volunteers
  • An identified internal champion or champions to work with the Society on an ongoing basis
  • Regular follow-up visits/check-ins (six months, one year, annually)
  • Support from the Society to develop a Dementia Friendly Action Plan – to sustain the initiative and affect meaningful change (e.g., improving accessibility of signage and other physical environmental features; incorporating dementia into accessibility and inclusion policies/plans)
  • In recognition, Supporters will receive a “Dementia Friendly Community Supporter” decal to use in accordance with the “DFC Decal Recipient Agreement”. Additional recognition opportunities available through the Supporter Showcase and Society social media sites.

We are thrilled to share our first and inaugural DFC trained York Business

Vince's Market


Learn more about dementia-friendly communities activities at the Alzheimer Society of York Region in this February 2024 article in The Auroran.