Watch the Comm and Behaviours webinar

York Region
Thu, May 13, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Alzheimer Society of York Region

The Brookside Court & The Renoir Retirement Communities webinar about Communications and Behaviours was recorded. Watch it here:

Password: dL&zY3PX

Head and shoulder shot of an adult woman hugging a senior woman. Both are looking to the left.

Dementia effects the entire family. Learn more about this disease and the people living with it.

Watch the webinar here. Passcode: dL&zY3PX

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Alzheimer's disease affects many aspects of daily living including communication and behavior. By examining the ways in which caregivers and an individual living with dementia communicate, we can learn ways to have effective communication. Responsive behaviours can be an aspect of living with dementia and understanding the meaning behind the behaviours will help caregivers respond and create effective strategies