Vankleek Hill Slo-Pitch Tournament

This year, eight teams battle it out for the coveted Champlain Cup. Who will take home the trophy this year? Watch your friends, family, and neighbours play! This event is a free, family-friendly event.

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The Tournament

Each year, the Alzheimer Society of Cornwall & District hosts the Mixed Slo-Pitch tournament. There are eight teams that participate for a chance to win the coveted Champlain Cup. 

This is a family fun event for the entire family. We encourage you to invite your friends, family and neighbours to cheer you and your team. Kids can enjoy the splash pad at Mill Street Park. We will also have some kid-friendly entertainment available during our Home Run Derby

Rules of Play

  • Teams must be ready to start playing at their scheduled times;
  • Teams will be pitching to their own team - 3 pitches per batter;
  • The inning ends with 3 outs or the last batter;
  • The time limit on each game is 1 hour and no inning can begin with less than 10 minutes remaining in the allotted hour;
  • When a female is at bat, men in the outfield must be touching the fence and men in the in-field must be on the baseline until the ball has been hit;
  • When batting, we will be using YELLOW balls for the Females and WHITE balls for the Males;
  • Each team is only allowed 2 home runs per game;
  • Additional home runs in the same game are an AUTOMATIC OUT;
  • For a point to count, the player must cross the line and DOES NOT TOUCH THE HOME PLATE;
  • The catcher must stand on the home plate with the ball and does not need to tag the player running in;
  • UMPIRE’S RULING on the field is FINAL, however, organizers will have the final say if there's an issue;
  • The organizers reserve the right to expel a player or a team for unsportsmanlike behaviour and, if this occurs, entry fees will not be reimbursed.

Cost Per Team

The cost per player to join will be $30 a player. Teams must consist of 15 players in total per team. If a team has less than 15 players, the team fee will remain at $450. 

How to Register Your Team

To register a team, please contact Christine Brunet by email or drop off the completed form at the Alzheimer Society satellite office in Hawkesbury at 250 Main St. E., Suite 210. Spaces cannot be guaranteed as there is only room for eight teams. 

Team Registration Form 2023

Please fill out this form and submit it back to the Alzheimer Society with the names and contact information of each player signed up for your team. 

Team Registration Form 2023

Individuals Wanting to Register

If you are interested in joining the tournament but don't have a team, please contact Christine Brunet by email and we will try to accommodate your request to join a team.

Teams Wanting More Players

If you are interested in joining the tournament but cannot find 15 total players, please contact Christine Brunet by email and we will try to accommodate your request by finding individuals looking to join a team. 

Waiver & Liability Form

Each player must submit a completed waiver & liability form to be able to compete in the Slo-Pitch Tournament.

Player Waiver and Release 2023

Each player participating in the Slo-Pitch Tournament must sign this waiver and release form. 

Player Waiver and Release 2023