Fact sheets for caregivers

The Alzheimer Society recognizes the significant investment of time and effort caregivers offer to their loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. Below are some resources to help you better understand Alzheimer’s disease and your role in helping your loved one.  For more information on other topics, please visit the brochures and publications.

For the caregiver


-Understanding behaviours

  • Anger/Agitation -Recognizing the warning signs and what to try.
  • Disinhibition -Signs and causes of behaviours that are tactless, inappropriate or offensive.
  • Hoarding -Understanding reasons for hoarding and strategies for coping.
  • Paranoia/Delusions -Understanding paranoia and delusions and some coping strategies.
  • Repetitive behaviours -Why they happen and possible ways to respond.
  • Sleep disturbances -Why they occur and strategies to prevent them.
  • Sundowning -Identifying triggers and some coping strategies.
  • Wandering -Understanding why this occurs and how to prevent it.

Finances and future planning

Considering Long Term Care

After the move to Long Term Care


Last Updated: 11/08/2017