Information for Researchers

Research participant recruitment through the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia (ASNS) is committed to the goal of supporting research, from the discovery of new information to the utilization of that information in any of myriad beneficial ways. We applaud you in the quest to ultimately understand the mechanisms underlying dementia and determine its causes, to search for a cure for dementia, and to enhance the life of those affected by these diseases. In order to help further research, and support our excellent Nova Scotian researchers, we invite, support and welcome requests to attract study participants via ASNS through means such as our website, InfoLine, Support groups, public presentations, workshops, conferences and/or newsletters (such as In The Loop), etc.

While we do not make directly available to any researcher or other interested party names, contact information or any other information for the purpose of identifying the clients of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, we will endeavor to make them aware of you and give them the opportunity respond to your requests for research participant recruitment.

In order to have your request for participants considered for posting on our website or other means, the following are required:
  • Name/Title of Study
  • Name and position/affiliation of Principle researcher. This researcher must hold a position with an accredited Canadian University, or University-affiliated Hospital or Clinic. 
  • Study contact information (Address/ e-mail address/ telephone number)
  • Names and affiliations of other researchers
  • Purpose of study
  • Summary of study
  • Copy of approval from your institution’s Research Ethics Board or similar group
  • Name of funding agency
  • Lay summary (no more than 250 words) – we reserve the right to further summarize or clarify this write up for presentation on our website, newsletter etc. to present to the public. 
  • Study time frame, remuneration if applicable and other information important to potential participants.
  • Contact information for ASNS
  • link to or electronic copy of more detail about study or promotional material (optional)
Please send above with your request to:

Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia
Research Advisory Committee
2719 Gladstone Street, Suite 112
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3K 4W6
Attention Sacha Nadeau or [email protected]

We will attempt to respond to your request within three weeks of receipt.

Last Updated: 03/09/2020