Brighten someone’s holiday season by giving local ❄️


People living with dementia need you like never before. Brighten their holiday season by giving local today.

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Navigating dementia care isn't easy. Just like snowflakes, every person is unique, and their care must be tailored to fit their individual needs. 

When Alicia was diagnosed with dementia and began experiencing behaviour changes, her daughter Judy didn't know what to do. No one really does.

That's where the Alzheimer Society comes in.  

For Judy, the Alzheimer Society was instrumental in providing her and Alicia with the support they needed. Through access to tools, resources, and programs, Judy was able to give Alicia the best care possible.

Help the Alzheimer Society ensure care partner education, counselling, support groups and other programs continue to run and build connections that matter by giving local. And this year, when you donate a minimum of $50, you can opt-in to receive a 2023 Wall Calendar. 

Show your support by making a special, year-end gift at your local Alzheimer Society below:

Building connections that matter is at the heart and soul of the programs and services offered by the Alzheimer Society. Let’s ensure that families get the support they require with programs that are a perfect match to their needs. With your generosity and support, together we will do just that.

Wishing you and your family our warmest greetings this holiday season.

- Your friends at the Alzheimer Society