Knowledge Hub for Brain Healthy Families

Helping your family make brain-healthy choices

Welcome to the Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories Knowledge Hub for Brain Healthy Families.

Knowledge Hub for Brain Healthy FamiliesKnowledge Hub for Brain Healthy Families - ASANT Cafe
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Protect your head!

Keeping your head safe when undertaking physical activity is critical to brain health. How do you do that? Find out here.

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Make healthy food choices!

Did you know that what your family eats and drinks has an impact on their brain health? Here’s how to improve their diet AND improve their brain health at the same time.

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In good health!

Busy life? Here are some simple ways in which you can make your family’s lifestyle just that little bit ‘brain-healthier’.

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Mental activity!

It’s more than just sudoku! Keeping our brains active is an important determinant of ongoing brain health. Here are some fun ways that you and your family can keep mentally active.

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Keep active!

Healthy body. Healthy mind. How can your family make better choices about their physical activity that will also support their brain health? Find out here.

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Let’s get together!

Humans are largely social beings. Want to find out how your family can purposefully connect their social activity to brain health? Here are some great tips to get started today!

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